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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay off the loan anytime prior to maturity?
Yes, our loans have no prepayment penalties. They can be paid in part or in full anytime prior to maturity.
Do you cooperate with brokers?
Yes, many of our loans are brought in by outside brokers. What if I have a low credit score? Private Mortgage Fund, LLC is a collateral based lender. Although a borrower's credit and financial condition is considered, our primary focus is the equity in the property.
Is an appraisal needed?
When determining a property's fair market value is difficult to ascertain, or a borrower is looking to obtain our maximum loan to value, an appraisal may be needed. In most cases, determining the fair market value is fairly simple and an appraisal would not be required.
How quickly can you fund my loan?
In most cases, funding occurs within 7 days of receipt of a borrowers loan application. More expeditious fundings are possible.
What is the benefit of borrowing from a loan Fund versus another bridge or interim loan source?
Our Fund principals are the decision makers. We have no formal loan committee, thus decisions can be made quickly. As a loan Fund, we have capital available to lend and do not need to seek individual loan investors like many other short term loan sources.
What is your minimum loan amount?
Our minimum loan amount is $100,000 for properties in and around Los Angeles. As we physically visit each property, our minimum loan amount will increase with travel.
What type of properties will you consider?
We will fund loans secured by commercial (retail/office), industrial, multi-family (apartments) and non-owner occupied single-family residential properties. We will consider land loans for coastal and infill locations under a lower loan-to-value structure.

Recently Funded Loans

Investor Relations

Private Mortgage Fund, LLC (“PMF”) is a privately funded lending source which fills the gap for borrowers unable to obtain conventional financing. Despite a loosened credit environment, there are still a variety of reasons why a borrower will need the form of financing we provide. Our main criteria is to lend against properties only located in California, to be in 1st position only and not to exceed 60% loan to value. Our mission is to create safety for our investors while providing an attractive yield. To achieve this, we do look at the strength of each borrower, however, our main focus is that there is no less than 40% equity remaining after our loan has been made.

PMF does not market itself to investors. Rather, our growth comes from existing investors whom add to their investments, or from those potential investors referred to us. Investors are entitled to view our annual audits, prior year's tax returns, current loan summary, recorded Deeds of Trust and monthly reports via our investor secured website. In addition to semi-annual reports from management, investors also receive monthly reporting which details the prior month’s performance. Within a day or two thereafter, investors receive an automatic deposit via ACH directly into their designated account. Transparency is very important to us.

Another attractive feature for investors is “liquidity”. We ask for a one year commitment, yet have always found ourselves in a position to redeem an investor’s interest within 24 hours. While we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case, we have two methods in which an investor may exit, either through new investors waiting to enter the Fund, or through loan payoff’s.

Investors are entitled to the full yield of the Fund less a 1.1% management fee. Day to day operating expenses, accounting costs, our annual audit and 3rd party servicing fees are paid from the management fee.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

References provided upon request.

Business Philosophy

Private Mortgage Fund, LLC was formed in 2009 with the mission of providing fast and reliable debt to the real estate owner.  Our loan programs offer flexibility of terms and a quick decision making process, regardless of how simple or complex the transaction may be.  Unlike many other short term lenders, PMF funds its loans from cash on hand rather than syndicating loans to individuals or groups of investors.  Our team of principals have over 75 years of combined experience in commercial and single family lending, brokerage, marketing and property management which enables us to understand transactions and act quickly. 



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